This is our new contest platform, no one else has anything like it. This contest below is a sample ONLY, any money collected will be donated to our favorite rescue, the one we adopted Coco Puff & Bear Bear from. You can visit them here Old Dog Haven.

Setting your contest up is simple ...
  • Register for an account.
  • Login with the information you registered with.
  • In your admin area set up your contest (I am available to help).
  • Once your contest is set up, copy and paste the javascript tag and embed it into your website where you want it to show. If you have a website host that doesn't allow javascript I can host your contest for a fee of $25 per contest or $100 a year for 5 contests a year. Animal rescues are free. Please contact me to set this up.
  • Let people know about your contest and let the fun begin.
Playing is simple ...
  • Below the contest prize boxes click the link to buy your ticket(s).
  • Once you have paid you will receive an email with your ticket ID.
  • In the email click the link and put your ticket ID in the box.
  • You will be allowed to click as many boxes as you paid for.
  • Once the prize(s) associated with a box are gone, that box is no longer available to pick.
  • In your admin area the contest choices are limitless, chose your own photo(s) for box pix, chose how many prizes per box, chose donation amount per box, ect ...

Rescues are always free, non rescues are very affordable and as I mentioned there is no other contest platform like this out there! Remember I am always available to help. If you need help or prefer that I set your contest up for you just let me know. If you have a website but need help setting your contest up, there is a $10 fee for that, unless you are a rescue, then it is free. To set up your own Pick-A-Box contest click here.

Thank you - Make your contest - Have fun!!